So when does Heather get to be on a tasting panel?

NY Times had an article today in honor of the upcoming 4th where they rated American pale ales. It was a good read, and I’m glad to see articles of this nature in a national paper, aimed towards novice beer drinkers. I think they hit the nail on the head when talking about the style and it’s origins, but the ratings and the beers they picked were all wrong. Flying Dog as number one? Now, granted, I haven’t had a Flying Dog in some years now (by choice) and I’ve heard rumors that they’ve improved their quality a bit, but when I hear the name Flying Dog, it brings up bad memories of frat boys at Stubbie’s giggling while they order a Doggie Style. I was never very impressed with their regular beers, although I have to say that the Gonzo Imperial Porter is a pretty rad beer. (After checking out their website, I found that their 20th anniversary ale will be a Belgian style IPA called Raging Bitch. *shakes head in disapproval*)

My favorite kind of flying dog

Back to my objections with the reviews: only one west coast beer? The west coast created the style–that is, by the way, where all of the precious, precious hops are grown in the US. Yes, Lagunitas (and Oskar Blues, if you want me to count it as west coast) are great breweries. But where’s Stone? Full Sail? Oh well. Maybe these guys needed an article to fill some space and stopped by the nearest liquor store.


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