“I see that you roll deep. I too roll deep.”

I’ve been a little slow on updating, but Matt and I had a brewing party a few weeks ago. It was a great party, because, of course, while you make beer, you have to drink it, and of course, the more people you have drinking while you’re making beer, the better it will turn out. On that scale, this beer’s gonna be awesome.

Matt bought the supplies while he was last in Gainesville–it always seems like he buys too much hops, and this time was no exception. It started out as an amber IPA, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be pretty intense because of the metric ass-ton of hops we chucked in there. He’s going with the name “Roll Deep Red.” I was given no say in the choice of name (not that I necessarily think it’s a bad one). However, I suppose maybe he should get the naming rights after he stayed up all night with the wort waiting for the baby to cool down.

Yien and Lisa

Lisa pours the malt extract while Yien develops her stirring muscles

Amy and hops

Amy gets a little too excited about adding the hops.

Matt and Albie

Matt and Albie transfer the wort to the yeast's new home and breeding grounds. The ladies and I learned the physics of syphoning.

Wort chilling

Matt tries everything to get the wort to cool to 75 degrees and stays up until 3 AM doing so. Heather goes to bed.

We did a 90 minute boil with zeus hops added in 30 minute increments and a dry hop with cascade. After bottling last night, we’ve got a yield of about 42 bottles, which should be ready for consumption by America’s (and Matt’s) birthday this weekend. Go USA!


About Heather M.

Craft beer lover drinking in Columbus, Georgia.
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