A little weird to say, but I’m proud of Alabama

That strange place just west of the ‘Hooch has always frightened me a bit. Yes, I know I’m being overly dramatic and too stereotypical, but always worried that a trip into Alabama might involve, I don’t know, me having a secondary role in a commercial like this one.

Well, let's see if it actually gets to this point. I mean, no one wears monocles anymore, am I right?

Slowly, that’s all started to change. Some of my friends at work hail from that great state, and although they might be a bit off, they’re fun to hang out with (thanks, Erin, for informing me that fishing is basically just drinking beer in a boat). A few months back, Matt and I made a trip to Auburn and stopped by Gus’s, and it was ACTUALLY COOL. He sold good beer. He was excited about good beer. All of the staff was excited about GOOD BEER. He sold GROWLERS!(!). He sold growlers of REGIONAL BEER! (Side note: we can’t buy growlers in GA. I could buy 100 six-packs of Natty Light if I wanted, but I couldn’t buy 40 oz. of draft beer for shit.) If I remember correctly, Gus had a couple of draft lines, one from a Penn. brewery, and one or two from a new Ala. brewery that was only kegging (and the beer was REALLY GOOD).

Now, I find out that Alabama is hosting a craft beer week. Very exciting. They just recently (like, last year) lifted their ridiculous old laws restricting alcohol content in beer, and they’re already having a state-wide beer week. If I had known a little more in advance, I would have tried to get the Cannon involved, even though it looks like we might be on the wrong side of the ‘Hooch.


About Heather M.

Craft beer lover drinking in Columbus, Georgia.
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