I like my lambics just like I like my men– funky.

The NY Times had a really good story today about Lambics and Sour Beers. In particular, I liked the part about the guy calling up the brewery to tell them that their beer had gone bad, and the part towards the end about how snobby wine makers consider Brettanomyces a scourge on the earth. Good times, good times.

P.S.–Matt and I had the Rogue John John Juniper last night, and it was pretty awesome. Basically, it’s Rogue Juniper aged in spruce gin barrels (I guess Rogue has gotten into distilling too?). It was zingy. It was cool to have had the Rogue Juniper before (I think we had it on draft at Stubbie’s under the Yellow Snow name for like, two years), because the aging really did some cool things to it, like the aforementioned zingy-ness. Now I gotta find the John John Dead Guy.


About Heather M.

Craft beer lover drinking in Columbus, Georgia.
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